The primary purpose of this whole creation is to form a brutal underground metal club nationwide (and world-wide) of like-minded people who want to come together as a brotherhood/sisterhood interested in supporting extreme underground music and each other.

Official members will receive the bylaws of this club which are written and updated by the Coalition only. To become a member you will need to speak with a president or vice president of your area. All chapters are approved by us. These pages are dedicated to the bands and the fans that have spilled their blood to keep the New York Death Metal scene the most brutal in the world.

Will Rahmer (Mortician/Redrum Records), Randell Salmon (Decomposed/Decomposed Ent), and Lucifera Elena (Endemoniada/NY Hellraisers) would like to extend our brutal hands out to the rest of the states and world to join us and keep the brutality coming.

New York Death Militia International is a brotherhood/sisterhood of likeminded individuals into brutal forms of underground music. Especially (but not limited to) death metal. We are not a MC, we’re a brutal metal club. We’re heavily influenced by the Warriors (movie).

We are a family in the sense that we do our best to stick together. We help keep the music scene we love alive and BRUTAL! Not everyone on USDM (on myspace or other online communities) is NYDM. Not everyone into New York death metal has been accepted as NYDM. NYDM would never betray their family. NYDM are people who attend concerts in order to support the bands and many are people in bands already.

We are strict, we require loyalty and respect. We require respect and love for the rest of the members. And we don’t take just anyone. And some of these people, even though they are not Official NYDM (meaning you have our colors -patches and pins and have been approved by a president of our club) are still our friends.

We enjoy the support from everyone!

To truly represent members must wear their COLORS to concerts and other specific NYDM International events.

Those waiting on membership well, you just have to WAIT, like everyone else.

To be considered for membership you must be willing to give yourself unconditionally to the family you must be approved by the brotherhood You must be willing to give total commitement to NYDM.

Then and only then will you be considered for membership You do not buy your colors – You earn them!! Just like you earn RESPECT!


To all who support and are really interested stay true and keep your patience and devotion to the scene.

Stay Brutal,


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